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Jessica L. Pitre & Jesse T. Jones

June 13, 2009 


JUST MARRIED!  * jingles bells! * Might post updates about the honeymoon and things upon our return on July.   Thanks, Everyone!!  we are so touched!!  =^--^=

 Our Story

 How We Met

Jesse and I met online playing on a MUSH called Castle D'Image. It's one of many online, text-based role-playing games. He was an elf, named Malin (ironically not devilish at all) and I was a girl named Crystalline who could transform into a Turkish Angora cat! He was 12, and I was 15 when we met. My friend, Sarah, introduced us and we started role-playing together. Little did we know that I was in Washington state while he was all the way in Wisconsin!

We decided that December 27th, 1997, was our official date on which we became girlfriend and boyfriend because we never technically asked each other. That was the day we both knew we loved one another, though, so we both had an understanding that was simple as this: If you love each other, then who else would you be with?

We met for the first time at my senior prom in 1999, and were together for three days. We didn't see each other again until a year later when I went to visit him in Wisconsin. After I graduated from college in 2001, I moved out to Wisconsin. A year later, he moved to Washington D.C. to go to college himself! D'oh! Three years later, I moved to the east coast myself, and we have no intention of any more long distance! PERIOD. :}

How We Got Engaged

 On our 9th anniversary, December 27th, 2006, Jesse took me out to an authentic Japanese restaurant called Hinode. We have the Lover's Tray for Two and it was delicious! On the final tray that came out, there was a card. When I looked at it, it read:

"Seasons come and go
Two souls face the world as one
What fate finds, love binds.

Will you be my wife?"

Of course, I said yes! He kneeled on one knee and presented me with a replica of Usagi's (Sailor Moon's) ring, which is BEAUTIFUL. So, that's how it happened, followed by much brain exploding on my part. Getting engaged is easy! It's the planning that's scary! :}


"What fate finds, love binds . . ."  - Jesse

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