Wedding Party

Jessica L Pitre & Jesse T. Jones

June 13, 2009 

Jessica Pitre - The Bride


Jesse Jones - The Groom


Bill & Valerie Pitre - Parents of the Bride


Peggy & Craig Jones - Parents of  the Groom

Sarah Hamilton - Maid of Honor

 Jessica says:  She introduced Jesse and I to each other. :) That's pretty special right there. But, Sarah also introduced me to role-playing games in text-based sites, which is still my favorite past-time, and she's really such a supportive friend. Go gryphon-llama!


Miguel Hermann - Best Man

Jessica says:  Miguel is awesome. Smart, ethical, kind, and with an interesting set of hobbies... I'm really glad he's one of Jesse's friends. :)

Jesse's comments: Miguel is that he's so mellow and low-key . . . if the oceans were to burst into flames and the atmosphere was to fill up with chlorine gas, slowly so as not to kill us all immediately but rather to drag out our agonizing deaths in horrible perpetuity, I would go hang out with Miguel - because I could count on him to not be freaking out like some kind of drama queen.


Amanda O'Connor - Bridesmaid

Jessica says:  Deep, true, and such a big heart! Amanda has been one of my most reliable friends since I met her in middle school. She has class and foresight, but is also someone I can't imagine being without on my special day!

Clayton Jones - Groosman

Jesse's eldest brother!

Jesse's comments: People used to mistake me for him once he moved out of Green Bay... mostly stoners he knew in high school - who were still stoned - but I took it as a compliment. I always enjoy the perspective he injects into our conversations; he's always full of surprises.

Carrie Greenwood - Bridesmaid

Jessica says:  Carrie is a new friend I made, but we've clicked fast and both think creatively. Ambitious, with an amazing mind's eye that I think rivals a superpower, I know my friends will love her, and I think we'll become even better friends via this insane ride.

Zach Jones - Groomsman

Jesse's less older brother. ;)

Jesse's comments: I've been pleasantly surprised to find out in the last year that Zach and I have a lot more in common than I thought, and have even had similar strange Nietzschean adventures in the recent past. It's been such a relief to know I'm not the only one.

Athena Fritz - Samurai-ko Usher

Jessica says:  Athena has been my friend for SO LONG. We often thought of each other as sisters growing up, and have many complimentary differences. I don't think anyone else could tolerate my joy of music better than her. :} I miss playing board games with her!!

Mikey Lerch - Samurai Usher

Jessica says:   I think of Mikey as Jesse's formerly Tim Burton friend. ;) He has a morbid sense of humor, but is generally a nice nerd, like us. :)

Jesse's comments: We usually only chat nowadays when he's at work, but he's still as awesome as he was when we used to hang out every day after school. Assuming he hasn't moved to Europe by the wedding time (or can make it across the Pond to get to the ceremony), he gets the honor of, umm.... ushing at the wedding. I guess it's sort of like being a bouncer, except there will be no velvet ropes. But there will most certainly be a list.

Anna Frueh - FlowerMaiden

Jessica says:  I met Anna through Jesse's friend Adam, and we click pretty well. We come from totally different worlds, but admittedly, that's why I like her. :)  Recently, she introduced me to the experience of pedicures and manicures.  Not at all what I expected!

Adam Mills-Campisi - Ring Bearer

Jessica says:   Adam... is Adam... There is truly NO ONE like Adam. :}

Jesse's comments: Adam has also been a solid friend here in my East Coast life, despite the fact that his first thing to tell me when we met was that he thought I was fat and should go on a diet. He may be socially inept but he's a gentleman and a . . . well, he's a scholar, anyway. And I appreciate that about him. And trust him to carry a very expensive ring for me... and cast it into MOUNT DOOM!.... I mean my hand. During the ceremony. Also, since he's a black belt he'll surely be able to fight off all the Ring Wraiths and other Agents of Sauron.

  "Saudi Mike" - Officiant

      Jessica says: One of the many Mikes in our lives, Saudi has agreed to be our officiant!  I'm really glad, because it was my idea. :}  Jesse and I were really struggling over the notion of having someone marry us that we didn't even know and was probably going to be too serious, and Saudi was just the instant solution that came to mind.  :)  Low-key, hilarious, and just a nice guy to be around.  =^--^=


"What fate finds, love binds . . ." - Jesse

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