Wedding Event Details

Jessica L Pitre & Jesse T. Jones

June 13, 2009 


Date:  June 13, 2009

Time:  05:00 PM EST

Location:  Brookside Garden Japanese Tea House

Address:  1800 Glenallen Ave.

                   Wheaton, MD 20902

Phone:  301-962-1400

Map:  Brookside Gardens Map

Attire:  Semi-formal.  It is outdoors, so please dress comfortably for the weather.  There will also be limited seating due to the small space.

Parking:  Parking is free!

Note:  Unfortunately, we can not invite everyone to the ceremony that we can to the reception due to the limited space.  Therefore, only family and significant others' to the wedding party will be invited to the ceremony.



Date:  June 13, 2009

Time:  06:00 PM EST

Location:  Brookside Garden Auditorium

Address:  1800 Glenallen Ave.

                   Wheaton, MD 20902

Phone:  301-962-1400

 Map:  Brookside Gardens Map

Attire:  Semi-formal.  This will be indoors.

Parking:  Parking is free!

Caterering:  Occasion Caterers buffet-style


If you need assistance at any time, please contact our wedding party at bridesmaids @ at any time (remove the spaces). 

If you get lost on the way to the ceremony/reception, we are now utilizing  Go ahead and go online or call on your cell phone to 347-328-4667 (easily remembered as DIR-ECT-TIONS) and for free, they will give you directions to the Brookside Gardens in the form of a text message on your phone.  It will work up to 250 miles away!  Neat, huh?  Here's how it works!

1.  Dial the word "D-I-R-E-C-T-I-O-N-S" (347-328-4667) from any cell phone

2.  Choose "Events"

3.  Say "Pitre/Jones Wedding"

4.  Say your starting address

That's it!  Directions are sent instantly via text message.


We have started booking our two-week trip to Japan through a travel agency in the UK.  It's pretty exciting to plan such an adventure.  We're going to be staying mostly in traditional, Japanese-style inns, some of which have private, outdoor spas, which is really neat.  :)  It will involve a lot of travel, so we'll have to brush up on our travel speak, but that's not too hard.  EE!  Can't wait!  Years of saving up have led to this moment!

"What fate finds, love binds . . ." - Jesse

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