Selande Salimpour

Player: Dreamsenshi 

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Created by Dreamsenshi

Selande Salimpour Starting Character Sheet


Her past

       Selande grew up in Bulwark Point, happy with a simple life of modest education and to be surrounded by a diverse populace with much to intrigue the mind and keep a child busy. She worked hard on a farm with her family and was very obedient, spirited, and good-natured from an early age into adulthood.

        In her later teenage years, Selande met a young man by the name of Arlen Staeryn, a local would-be cleric of Sehanine. Selande already made a practice of praying regularly, particularly to Corellon, whom she hoped would grant her the ability to be a great dancer, so Arlen’s ambitions for being a cleric caught her fancy. After being friends for a couple of years, with the consent of their families they were betrothed to be married. However, Arlen had heard rumor of some trouble and insisted on going to investigate and leaving Selande behind to take over his work until he returned. During his year-long absence, she became very devoted to Sehanine and his work, though she wasn’t much of a cleric yet. When Arlen returned, he was unable to speak and was gravely ill. Since he had not told her what he had pursued, Selande was unable to find a cure to his mysterious illness or finish his quest on his behalf. So, when he died, she swore to dedicate herself completely to Sehanine in his place, although she still worshiped the other gods as well.

        However, unlike most clerics she became very silent, only speaking when necessary. She left the home of her family to strike out on her own, not wanting to be an emotional burden to them and fully aware that she would never be the bubbly young girl she had been previously. For a long time, she was homeless, not caring what happened to her, only studying during her free time and otherwise living on the streets and allowing the world to do what it may, collecting money as a beggar. During this time of silence and solitude, Selande learned the gift of observation, became in tune with the many lives around her and their tangled webs, and to attempt to fill in the void for her lost love and fulfill her duty to Sehanine, she secretly started meddling. For star-crossed lovers, she would bring them together. For dishonorable merchants, she would expose them. For little children, she would present simple worlds of fantasy and story to give them a time of joy. While her heart was still sad, she started to find joy in the happiness of others, but never again pursued relationships, staying to the shadows of society as if a rogue.

        Hope renewed, Selande made herself a friend among the half-elves, learning the Elven tongue and living amongst them in the city to avoid human relationships that reminded her too much of Arlen. Even though she washes and does take care of herself again, each day she still dons her tattered cloak to hide her decent clothing, still observing the city through the eyes of a pretend beggar, and doing what she can to make a difference. After all, the way of Sehanine isn’t in the spotlight either.

Selande at the Beginning

        Selande is a very tall, extremely thin waif-like figure for her age due to her way of life as a pretend-beggar. Her long, black, unkempt hair is very light and easily caught up in wisps on the wind. Often hidden within her tattered cloak, her skin is paler than most, an extreme change from the complexion she had when she was younger and worked on the farm with her family. Dark eyes are more easily hidden within her cloak, pools of sepia whose intensity is only interrupted by the further darkening of her pupils. Despite this eerily death-like appearance, when she is with her fellow clerics she is much like anyone else; thoughtful, passionate, and living life with purpose.