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     The circumstances surrounding his birth remain a mystery. As long as he can remember he has been with an underground priory of The Raven Queen. While they are not an illegal sect and worship of The Raven Queen is generally accepted in most societies, they have another reason for secrecy. This particular sect is utterly dedicated to the detection and destruction of the various cults of Orcus. From the earliest ages the one known only as Mongoose has been trained in the ways of The Raven Queen, and taught the evils of Orcus.

Young Adulthood

     As he reached his teenage years the sect soon realized his potential, and that lay not in the clerical pursuits. Mongoose was exceptionally quick, agile, and subtle. They began training him in the ways of the assassin, spending the money necessary to bring in killers from all over to teach him their trade. This was largely made possible due to the influence sect members held above ground. It is even rumored that the current Abbot of The Raven Queen is a member of the underground sect. Mongoose didn’t begin his real training until he made his first hit. At the age of 16 he was sent against a young wizarding student at The University, who strayed too far from the light. He delved into secrets that should have remained so, and signed an infernal warlock pact with none other than Orcus himself. The deed was quick and easy, done in the student’s dormitory while he slept.


     At 22 years old, Mongoose has spent the last 4 years of his life working for this sect as a scout, spy, and assassin. Though he has spent the majority of his time in the Bulwark Point region, he has traveled beyond once or twice. What exactly he witnessed is left to be heard, save that his mission met with only success.

Demeanor / Appearance

     No one ever said that Mongoose was a master of disguise, or could go unnoticed in any culture. His years at the priory have left him without many of the basic social skills. He has gotten a little better over the past few years as he began to get let more and more into society. Many emotions seem to escape him, as do things such as jokes and sarcasm. Mongoose takes life literally, constantly vigilant, watching, and wary.

     Day to day he wears a simple set of battle leathers, which go well with the phrase form follows function. Overtop of his armor he wears a brown leather oilcloth duster cinched at the neck, with his collar worn up and covering his face (think The Brotherhood of the Wolf). A matching wide flat-brimmed hat completes the ensemble.