Ishhral Abbas

NPC by DM MBabiash 

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    It is said that the Dragonborn are descended from the ancient dragons themselves, living side by side with their larger cousins many years ago. They once inhabited a great empire, the first recorded civilization, which spanned the world. Today it is rare to find them more than two at a time. Ishhral is the progeny of one of these pair. Though it is not rare to see Dragonborn wandering around Bulwark Point, they are few and far between. His father was most often seen in and around the castle, for he held some sort of position there. When the time was right he left Bulwark Point, only to return four years later with a young one in tow. In their tradition, Ishhral learned everything from his father; Honor, history, fitness, combat, and warfare.

Young Adulthood

   At 12 years of age Ishhral reached his adult stature, as do most Dragonborn. He began spending less time with is father and more time on his own. Much of this was spent at the library, studying warfare. There was something in him, a calling of sort. Ishhral knew that someday he would be a great leader, and he did all that he could to prepare himself for it. He was also seen to spend time at the abbey, praying at the shrine to Bahamut. It was not uncommon to see him even watching the performing arts at the amphitheater. It was at this time he also joined the Militia, enlisting with an infantry unit in Bulwark Point.


   At 15 Ishhral was a full adult in Dragonborn eyes, and therefore left his father’s side for good. Still unsure of how best to pursue his calling, he joined the Scarlet Guard, favoring the full-time status over that of the Militia. Through nearly unmatched prowess amongst the lower ranks, he rose quickly. By merit, he was able to request a position in one of the frontier villages, spending more time protecting its citizens against what lay beyond than arresting pickpockets and corrupt merchants.


   It isn’t long after meeting Ishhral that one finds out how friendly and easy going he is. By his sheer size and ferocious appearance many are given the wrong first impression, however he is very polite and well mannered. His good-natured demeanor might even seem out of place compared to the serious and stoic nature of many other Dragonborn, however his tenacity in combat and commanding presence are not. Like most of his kind, Ishhral is bound by the strictest of honor codes. His word is iron and he holds the highest respect for honor and skill, amongst friend and foe alike.

   Ishhral is six and a half feet tall, three-hundred pounds of twisted steel and warrior material. His scales are golden in color with fiery red eyes. Like most Dragonborn he has a blunt snout, a strong brow, and frills at the cheeks and ears. His three toes, and three fingers and thumb resemble strong, talon-like claws. Behind his brow is a crest of hornlike scales of various lengths, resembling thick, ropy hair.

   Warrior born, his everyday cloths are still armor. Thick hardened black leather bracers and greaves cover his shins and forearms, riveted with steel studs and polished to a high sheen. His black leather tunic is sleeveless, the shoulders extending just past his own. A deep v-neck drops to just below his chest, and is tied very loosely by brown leather chord. Lastly he wears a sort of war-kilt. Hardened black leather plates drape down from a waistband, just below mid thigh. The plates are held in place by loose malleable black leather, giving the kilt freedom of movement. Lastly he wears a back sheath, with the hilt of a long sword protruding just above his right shoulder.

   Dressed for battle, Ishhral means business. His scale armor covers most of his body, and is fashioned in the Dragonborn style. In his right hand he carries a spear while a light shield is worn on his left arm. Over his right shoulder and across his body is an oversized quiver, with the hafts of two javelins protruding behind his head.