Gilvadrion Moonveil

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     Gilvadrion had a very normal childhood for an Eladrin; he grew up in one of the smaller Eladrin communities on the edge of the Feywild and the Mortal Realm, where he grew accustomed to arcane magicks and Fey mysteries as an everyday facet of life. Gilvadrion grew up a member of the Moonveil House, whose members are not often seen on the battlefield, but are well-known manipulators of the arcane. Those members of the Moonveil House who are not wizards and scholars serve as emissaries off the battlefield, or as scouts on the battlefield.

     He had a traditional Eladrin education, apprenticing under an Eladrin Wizard of great renown, an elder member of the Moonveil House. His master, ever-patient and ponderous as the long-lived Eladrin are wont to be, was not eager to teach his young apprentice anything but the very basics, and for the most part Gilvadrion's apprenticeship consisted of performing all manner of mundane chores in his master's library and magical workshop.

Young Adulthood

     Gilvadrion grew to be an able assistant, and even excelled at the basics of arcana.... however he was unable to grasp any but the most basic of spells, and even was not very good at those. After a long while, the elders of his House decided he would make a better emissary than a wizard, serving as a contact between the eladrin scholars and the University of Bulwark Point. As such he was sent to study at the University, where he was quickly accepted as a student of mundane studies.


     Gilvadrion remains a committed student, but still is only able to grasp a few basic spells – some simple teleportation, and an unimpressive magic bolt or two. He can't even summon up a cantrip, much less a fireball. Yet he is a constant presence in and about the University, ready to lend a hand and earn people's trust.


     As a young adult eladrin, Gilvadrion falls into his place in the world perfectly – any younger and people would not take him seriously, but any older and people may consider him a complete dolt – after all his people are known to excel at magic. Unfortunately he appears to be somewhat of an exception to the rule; while he has an exceptional grasp on the fundamentals of arcana, he just does not seem able to grasp the streams of elemental magic and turn them to his will. Some believe that he is simply too innocent, like the more playful winged members of the Fae, and that he doesn't have it in him to bend anything at all to his will, especially not the fabric of the universe. But while he is often frustrated he is also patient, he continues his studies unabated through failure after failure, kept on as a student because of his endearing nature and his uncanny skill at mundane laboratory and library chores.

     Gilvadrion stands at 5'10” and weighs 140lbs; slight and perhaps a little tall for a human, but rather average for his people. He has long, wispy silver hair that hangs just below his shoulder blades. He wears it tied back with a simple thong when doing delicate work, but usually it flows casually, sparkling like the moonlight. His eyes are a pale, reassuring blue that appear green in bright light, and almost silver in the pale light of the moon. His skin is fair as well, with the kind of sheen that can usually only be achieved through the use of very expensive soaps.

     Gilvadrion prefers dark clothing with subtle earth tones – dark greens, dull blacks, earth browns, and earth reds – infused with beautiful, delicate elven embroidery of silver, gold, and vibrant emerald. His primary outfit is of fine make, not gaudy but tastefully exquisite. He wears a short knee-length robe, held close by a silk sash with ends that hang loosely. Over that is a waistcoat with silver clasps in the front, and elegantly-pointed shoulder pads. On the left breast of the coat is embroidered the Moonveil House crest, which few citizens of Bulwark Point would recognize; to those who don't know that eladrin almost always wear a house crest, it is simply an artistic embroidery of a full moon half-shrouded by wispy clouds. Over all this he wears a black hooded cloak that clasps to the waistcoat; it is embroidered on every edge with intricate silver designs. Except when the weather warrants it being worn as a cloak, he wears it thrown back behind his shoulders with the hood down, more like a cape than a cloak. The ensemble is completed with simple trousers and a pair of elven-crafted boots. On hot days, or when working in the laboratory, he doffs the cloak and waistcoat, but you can bet that usually he is dressed to impress.

     When traveling – or otherwise expecting imminent danger or rough encounters – he dons more rugged attire, an embroidered leather outfit that goes nicely with his cloak and boots, and is similarly adorned with the Moonveil crest on the supple leather breastplate. He also straps on a longsword for these situations. The gilded scabbard may suggest that it is only for show, but he knows whom the pointy end goes into, and isn't afraid to make it happen.

     Gilvadrion is cheerful and friendly, though not always the life of the party. While he always leaves a pleasant impression with those he interacts with, he keeps to himself around all but those with whom he has business – but if approached, he is polite and engaging, if not entirely forthcoming.