D&D4E Legend

Written by MBabiash 

Although not widely accepted, those with adventurous hearts know the legends which surround Bulwark Point. Leoboren Demonslayer, the founder of Bulwark Point, was a great Dragonborn Paladin of Bahamut. He built such a keep in this region to protect some sort of ancient power. The assault that came soon after was not just an orcish horde. A powerful half-demon warlock was behind the assault, launching all manner of infernal beings against Leoboren and his heroic companions, trying to get at this source of ancient power. The dark army was defeated, and the ancient power protected. During the battle the warlock and Leoboren faced each other in single combat. The companions who were there describe a bright flash and a surge of power, after which neither combatant was to be found. A young human companion took on Leoboren’s name, and vowed that he and his descendants would hold watch over the region until the end of time.