D&D4E History and Culture

Written by MBabiash 

The region of Bulwark Point has been inhabited as such for many generations. Most inhabitants only know what has been passed down between the generations, and is usually forgotten beyond two or three. For those educated at the university, it seems that the regions history began abruptly and without warning a hundred and fifty years ago. A great human warrior named Leoboren built the castle which still stands today on the cliffs of the Great Sea.

A small town began to grow out of the shadow of the castle; however it was crushed only a year later by a marauding army of orcs. The castle held and the army was disbanded, and the region thereafter knew peace and prosperity. The town was rebuilt and grew into the city it is today, with other villages and towns springing up nearby as all manner of peoples built their way in the world.

Humans inhabit the entire region, from the current king, to the lowly farmer. They make up nearly 50% of the population of the region; however they for the most part get along with all the other races just fine, and visa versa. Bigotry must have been quelled at an early time for the racial and religious acceptance that is prevalent today to exist.

Eladrin live mostly in the city, though a few of claimed existence of a town hidden inside one of the outlying forests. The elves have a well known city inside one of the larger forests, where many travelers go to respectfully observe the majesty of nature at its best. Elves can be found from time to time in Bulwark Point or Riverford, but they prefer to stay away from the stuffy cities.

Half-elves are commonly accepted in society, and can be found distributed amongst the Humans, Elves, and Eladrin of the region. Halflings can be found in Bulwark Point, mostly in the port district where they are staying ashore from their vessels. The majority of the permanent residents have set up homes in Riverford, as it is a major stopping point for many Halfling river caravans.

Dwarves can be found in the city also, but the large majority operates the iron mine and foundry found just off the main road halfway between Bulwark Point and Riverford. Dragonborn are by far the rarest of the races in the region. They may be found anywhere, but almost certainly not more than one or two at a time.