D&D4E Famous People and Organizations

 Written by MBabiash

King Leoboren IV benevolently rules the city-state of Bulwark Point, providing protection throughout the entire region. In his young 40s, the king took over rule from his father five years ago, who as since passed away. He is charismatic and strong, having spent many years training and working on his soldierly profession.

The King oversees three major organizations, the Council, the Scarlet Guard, and the Militia. The Council is made up of the leaders of all the other major organizations, including the Scarlet Guard and the Militia. Meetings are held once a month at the amphitheater where they decide on policy and management issues. Certain criminals are tried here also, as the Council is the only body which can impose death upon a guilty person. Emergency meetings have been known to happen from time to time.

The Scarlet Guard is a well trained force which maintains order throughout the region on a full-time basis. They are headquartered in Bulwark Point and have guard houses in the city, and every major town and village. Each guard house is garrisoned to its relative size. The average small village has a sheriff and one or two deputies, whereas the garrisons in Bulwark Point and Riverford are practically small army units. Captain Regis has been Captain of the Guard many years now, since before King Leoboren IV took over from his father. He is warrior born, and a cunning leader. It is because of his many reforms that the Scarlet Guard has become more disciplined and better trained.

The Militia has few full time members; however it is comprised of every able bodied young adult man and woman. Training is mandatory for a full day once per month, with the units staggering themselves as to not shut down the entire region once a month. The units are of several types, from combat to support roles. Women have been known to occupy positions in the combat units, but it is rare. These units are lead by a captain who is a full time member of the Militia. Other full time members include the drill sergeants who provide initial training at the compound in Bulwark Point when a citizen comes of age, and Colonel Isadore who commands the entire Militia. Colonel Isadore is an older dwarven gentleman whose life has been the militia since he came of age. His heart is as stout as his stature, and he makes sure that all receive the training necessary for survival should a war spark up.

The University headmaster is the known Eladrin Wizard Inglid. He holds a council seat, and oversees all the operations of the University. A promising and intelligent wizard, he founded the guild which trains new students at the University. Inglid was promoted to headmaster when the previous, a human sage, died of old age. There were a few worries at first, putting a known wizard in charge, but they have been since laid to rest. Inglid appears to put as much effort into the scholarly pursuits of the University as he does into the arcane.

High Abbot Gilmore is Headmaster Inglid’s counterpart at the Abbey. Once a simple half-elf priest of Erathis studying to be a cleric at the Abbey, he has found his way home after years of missionary work. As the Abbot of Erathis, he did much to improve the Abbey, getting out into the city and improving the worship of all deities alike. High Abbot Gilmore was a natural choice for the position, and has not disappointed. As High Abbot, he also holds a seat in the Council.

Along with those named above, Council seats are also held by each mayor of the surround towns and villages. The most prominent of which is Mayor Longfellow of Riverford. A shrewd manager and accomplished seaman, this mid-aged Halfling has worked hard to improve the trade routes between the region and those city-states beyond. He is largely responsible for the great condition of the trade road between Riverford and Bulwark Point, as well as the improvements to the Port of Riverford.