Corva Deepwater

Player: Kyriel (formerly; now NPC)

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Sheet by Dreamsenshi, Stats by Kyriel

Corva Deepwater Starting Character Sheet


     Corva Deepwater was born to Cerek, a retired human adventurer, and Lunelantha, his elven wife. Between the spoils of their youthful escapades and the income from the peacocks he imported from far-off Iskadar and sold to the local nobles, the family had a comfortable life and never wanted for much. Corva took a strong interest in magic and, owing to her mother’s blood, was able to perform rudimentary prestidigitation cantrips at a young age. When she reached eight years old, her parents asked one of the mages from the university in Bulwark Point to examine her potential, and she was promptly accepted as a student.

     Years passed as her head was filled with knowledge, arcane and otherwise. By the age of fourteen, she still hadn’t learned very many practical magical applications—she was full of theory, but not yet allowed to put it to use. She was an intelligent girl, and resented the slow pace of her learning. She was ripe for the taking when, at a university-sponsored mixer, she met a young priest of Corellon named Quilius. He was smitten by her talents and her beauty (despite being six years her senior) and urged her to consider a career serving the god of spring. Between being flattered at his attention to her and her urgent need to feel like her learning was going somewhere, she accepted.

     She started as a mere acolyte, training to one day be a priest and go out into the world with the praises of her lord on her lips. It wasn’t long before she realized, however, that something more than a simple priest’s life drew her. In her free time, Corva watched her recruiter’s weapons practice, and she was enchanted by the grace and power she saw there. It only became worse the first time she touched a practice weapon. Call it a divine calling, or call it the flighty whims of elven blood. Either way, when her fingers curled around the hilt of the wooden scimitar, she knew what she wanted. She would not be content with mere proselytizing and administering to Corellon’s followers. No, Corva Deepwater’s destiny from that moment forth was to become a paladin.

     The training was long and hard, and she had much catching up to do to make up for her lack of martial skills. There were times when she wished for the long, boring days in university study, when at the end of the day she could barely move for her sore muscles, and her mind was taxed from the tests her divine teachers put her through. At last, after a decade of work, she was ready to graduate from trainee to fully-vested paladin. She wished that Quilius could have been there for her ceremony, but he had been sent on a mission to serve the church elsewhere some years ago, and though they kept in touch through letters, he wasn’t able to make it back.

     Only a few years have passed since her training, and Corva has seen a handful of battles—guarding church caravans, escorting elder theologians to archeological sites for study, and the like. She is content, for now, but knows that something greater is waiting for her.